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Tales from death row: Justice for Rodney Reed

By: Caitlin Adams

Tuesday was visit day.  This week's visit was with Rodney's long-time friend, Julie, affectionately known as “Wildflower Jewels”.  We had a wonderful, blessed, fun (which still always astounds me in that place) joyous two hours together.

There's a "post visit" drill I follow every visit, no matter how tired I am, no matter how late it is when I get home. I usually have what I affectionately call "assignments" from Rodney for when I get home. This day's assignments were to email his attorney Bryce Benjet and send Rodney a Jpay, letting him know we arrived home safe and sound. I wrote Bryce's email, and then I got busy writing Rodney's Jpay.

Go On

Examining the California SAFE Act

By: Spoon Jackson

I cannot go on like this
But I will go on –
on and on, even when
on is off.
Something is stirring
in my soul, wanting
to burst out like
a hot spring in the desert
wanting to come out
and I don’t know
what it is – in the moment
I hope it’s a poem
I hope it’s a song.
Something vast like Euripides
Something wise and funny
like Aristophanes
Something deep like Langston Hughes
So deep in the seas
where no light goes.
I know what it is
I want to create my way
off this lockdown
and write my way
out of prison
They allowed redemption
once, but now only condemnation.
I cannot go on
but I will go on –
on and on even when
on becomes off.
Melancholic and sad
They are letting some
lifers go home

Why I Support Proposition 34, the SAFE Initiative

Examining the California SAFE Act

By: Joan Leslie Taylor

When I first read the Proposition 34 initiative, I was thrown into turmoil and spent weeks in agony.  I have dear friends on death row.  Of course, I want to end the death penalty, but how could I vote for life without the possibility of parole (LWOP)?  I know people already incarcerated under LWOP.  It’s a terrible sentence.  And why all that vindictive language in Proposition 34? 

In Solidarity

Tales from death row: Justice for Rodney Reed

Credit: Anne Szilagyi
By: Caitlin Adams

On Saturday, July 21st people from Bastrop, Austin, Houston and parts unknown came together in solidarity to raise money and awareness for Rodney's plight. The event was full of love, passion, commitment, dedication, great tunes, yummy food, fun, smiles, and laughter—exactly as Rodney had wanted! I want to thank everyone who had anything at all to do with bringing this event into being and in this week's blog share with you all the letter Rodney wrote that was read at the event:


"Power concedes nothing without a demand." Frederick Douglass

Man's Inhumanity to Man

Tales from death row: Justice for Rodney Reed

By: Caitlin Adams

Wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing, holocausts, inquisitions, crusades, pogroms, mass incarceration—man’s inhumanity to man seems hell bent on the annihilation of the species.  At times though, I'm completely done in by the everyday inhumanities—the myriad ways we are cruel, unkind to one another when it would have been just as easy to be caring, kind.

On June 18th, Rodney passed out in the rec yard during his hour of outside recreation.  A sergeant came over and was able to rouse him; he was then escorted back to his cell.  Rodney takes medication for high blood pressure and after passing out, he experienced some chest pain, numbness to his left arm, radiating pain to his back and a headache.  All of these symptoms were possible indicators of a life- threatening cardiac event.

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