Get Involved

Get Involved with the Campaign to End the Death Penalty

We CAN abolish the death penalty — in fact we are well on our way.  Support for the death penalty is waning and death sentences each year have been declining.

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty has been involved with many important fights — from helping win the moratorium in Illinois in 2000 to saving Kenneth Foster who came within hours of being executed on Texas death row in 2007.

The CEDP currently has active members in Austin (TX), Bay Area (CA), Chicago (IL), and Delaware.

If we want to win abolition, we need to be organized. Our members meet on a regular basis to discuss strategies, debate issues in the movement, share ideas and plan events.

For example, our members:

  • Host regular meetings to plan activities
  • Initiate petitioning drives
  • Hold public meetings with featured speakers
  • Organize “Live from Death row” events
  • Contribute to and distribute our newsletter, The New Abolitionist
  • Research and organize around cases of individual death row prisoners
  • Set up informational tables in communities and on campuses
  • Hold book clubs
  • Host film screenings
  • Call press conferences and do interviews for radio, TV, and print media
  • Lead rallies and marches
  • Write with and visit prisoners on death row
  • Work closely with former prisoners – many whom we have helped to free
  • Attend court hearings and hearings on bills in our local legislatures

Our Annual Convention

In addition to the above activities, the CEDP also organizes and annual convention.  Each fall members of the Campaign and anyone interested in being involved in this struggle come together for an incredible weekend.

We hear from exonerated, family members  and activists on a wide range of topics.  Through sessions filled with heart rending testimonials and practical organizing experiences, participants are imbued with a determination and enthusiasm to go back to our local chapters and take on the fight for another year.