The New Abolitionist

The New Abolitionist is the newsletter of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

The New Abolitionist has been in print since late 1997. We hope you will browse our archives to look at some of amazing stories of struggle we have been involved in and reported on over the years.

The newsletter publishes articles taking up broader issues and debates related to the death penalty and our movement as well as featuring contributions from local chapter members reporting on anti-death penalty organizing and on individual cases that our chapters are working around.

Each issue features writings from prisoners and former prisoners and family members of prisoners – many of whom are active in our chapters

If you would like to write an article or report for the newsletter please contact Marlene at

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If you would like to subscribe to the New Abolitionist, send a check for 12 dollars (24 dollars helps us send one to a prisoner) to CEDP PO Box 25730 Chicago, 60625)

We honor all prisoners that request a copy of the newsletter and send it for free.