After 11 years on Death Row, where is the justice for Nathson Fields?

Nathson Fields is fighting for his freedom 14 years after he was sent to death row by a corrupt judge who was later convicted of accepting bribes. Nathson recently won a new trial after his lawyers presented evidence that Judge Thomas Maloney had accepted a bribe from Nathson's co-defendant.

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty organized a rally outside the Cook County Courthouse in August, on the morning of Nathson's last hearing. Prosecutors again demanded and received a continuance on Nathson's motion to dismiss. The next court date will be September 23. CEDP members will be attending - as long as we need to in order to win Nathson's freedom.

I greet you all with the greeting of Peace, "As-Salaam Alaikum." My name is Nathson Fields. I spent eleven and a half years on Illinois' Death Row before receiving a new trial by the Illinois Supreme Court. I was sent to death row by the most corrupt judge in America, Thomas J. Maloney. He convicted me and sent me to death row in a desperate attempt to conceal a bribe he had accepted from my co-defendant's attorney. Maloney "duped" the entire Illinois Supreme Court back in 1990 when they upheld my conviction and execution. Maloney's attempt to murder me (via execution) "backfired" when he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in 1993. But I have received no justice from the political system that created Maloney and wrongly placed me on death row.

During my last ten months on Death Row, I was held on Menard's Administrative Segregation Unit, where I was tortured and beaten for standing up against prisoner abuses. When I was finally escorted off the unit to Chicago for my new trial, one of the guards spit on the floor in front of me and said, "You better hope you don't come back." I was forced to walk handcuffed and shackled between numerous prison guards who had beaten and tortured me over the last ten months.

I was escorted back to Chicago by two vans containing prison guards with weapons and a state trooper who led the convoy. In the middle of the night, they pulled over so we all could use the washroom.

I was taken to the back of a darkened gas station. In the darkness, I noticed all the Menard prison guards had pistols and rifles in their hands. The state trooper looked away as one of them aimed a high powered semi-automatic rifle into my chest and told me to start praying. I closed my eyes. After ten seconds of complete silence, I was taken back to the van, and we continued the drive to Chicago.

I arrived at Cook County Jail traumatized and relieved. Immediately, I was placed on the Cook County Jail's "Administrative Segregation Unit" where I am locked up twenty-three hours a day. I am allowed out of my cell for only one hour a day to shower and make phone calls. I was assigned a judge without my presence or my lawyer's presence in court. Later, I was given a $1 million bond even though all of the witnesses have recanted and admitted perjury.

For the wrongly accused, justice is so hard to find.


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