Don't let them kill Tyrone X Gilliam

Tyrone X Gilliam is the next person scheduled for execution in Maryland's death chamber. Tyrone's case is at a very critical phase. He is near the end of his appeals process and is currently waiting for the Supreme Court to review his final "Cert" petition.

If the Supreme Court rejects this petition, then the State of Maryland will immediately sign a warrant for his execution. As things stand now, Tyrone may face execution as early as November.

Tyrone X Gilliam, along with Kenny Collins, was instrumental in creating the "Live From Death Row" forums that have exposed the brutal injustice of the death penalty to hundreds of people across the U.S. We must not allow this powerful voice in the fight against the death penalty to be silenced.

Send letters of protest to:
Gov. Parris N. Glendenning, State House,
100 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401


I am writing to you to thank you for your support in the struggle to have the death penalty abolished, and particularly for the "Live From Death Row" event of Saturday, June 27, 1998. This event was wonderful, and I really believe that it made a difference.

Work is accomplished when a force succeeds in moving an object through a distance within a specific time interval. If there is Herculean exertion but the object is not moved, no work has been done. However, if the object is moved just a fraction of an inch, work has been accomplished because the force (a push or pull on a thing) succeeded in moving the object (or person). I really believe the people who attended the "Live From Death Row" event were moved not a fraction of an inch but a couple of miles. I think they were moved to desire action, which is the first step.

We are taught in the Nation of Islam by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan that "desire directs the will, which (will) is conscious and deliberate action." I think the people were moved to use that desire to direct their wills and their actions toward the end of the death penalty, and for that, I am forever thankful, and there are countless others who likewise appreciate your work and sacrifice. May the God of Freedom, Justice and Equality bless the Campaign to End the Death Penalty. Thank you.

As-Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)
I Am A Servant In Islam,

As-Siid Ben Maryam (Tyrone Gilliam)
401 E. Madison St., Baltimore, MD 21202