February 2010 Issue 50

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Impressions of my first convention

Credit: Eric Ruder
Some of the 900 who came out to hear Howard Zinn talk to Dave Zirin about “The power of the people.”
By: Carter Pagel

“People fighting against injustice starts small, but it grows because the truth is on our side.”  Those words came from Howard Zinn as he spoke to
Dave Zirin at the Campaign to End the Death Penalty’s (CEDP) ninth annual convention, and for me, they encapsulated the theme of the entire weekend.  What I witnessed at my first CEDP convention was amazing -- whether it was Jack Bryson tearing up over the realization that he has found true brothers and sisters in his fight against injustice, or Marvin Reeves stepping back to take in a standing ovation from 900 people applauding his courage, people were profoundly affected and changed by  this weekend; we all were.

The death penalty in decline…

As life-without-parole sentences rise

Ronnie Kitchen
By: Marlene Martin

A snapshot of the year 2009 shows the death penalty on the decline -- even though executions themselves were up from the previous year.  2009 saw 52 people executed -- an uptick in executions from the previous year when 42 people were put to death. But 24 of these executions were carried out in Texas alone. Out of the 35 states that have the death penalty on the books, 24 did not execute a single person. And nine men were exonerated from death row in 2009, the second-highest number since the death penalty was reinstated.

Last year, the case of Cameron Todd Williamham, who was executed in Texas in 2004, made national headlines, exposing the fact that Texas almost certainly executed an innocent man, further eroding public confidence in the death penalty.

Voices from the Inside

Prisoners speak out

Credit: Students against the Death Penalty
October 2009: Anna Terrel, mother of executed prisoner Reginald Blanton, speaks at the tenth annual Texas March to Stop Executions

It’s a day of death

Danielle Simpson was executed in Texas on November 18, 2009. Rob Will, a Texas death row prisoner and member of the DRIVE Movement, wrote this account of the day.

Another day of death, the second day of the three-day triathlon of death scheduled for this week. Danielle Simpson (a.k.a. “Dre”) is set to die today. 

National Convention 2009

Making the death penalty history

On November 7 and 8, over 80 people from across the country attended the Campaign to End the Death Penalty’s ninth annual convention in Chicago.

During the day, workshop and plenary sessions celebrated recent victories: the freeing of Chicago police torture victims Ronnie Kitchen, Marvin Reeves and Mark Clements, who were all released this summer -- and the freeing of Michael Scott, who after ten years in prison had all the charges against him dropped.

Hearing these individuals speak of their situation and their fight, and why the Campaign is so needed, was an intense and inspiring affirmation of the importance of our work.

What we’re doing this year

Delegates at the convention voted in favor of the following national initiatives for the coming year.

Delegates voted in favor of renewing our commitment to building the Troy Davis struggle. Martina Correia is on the CEDP board and the point person for this work; you can reach her at martina.correia@gmail.com.

Highlights Of The Struggle

Reports From Campaign Chapters Around The Country

By Crystal Bybee

The Bay Area CEDP closed out 2009 with a fantastic event on December 13 -- the fourth annual Stanley Tookie Williams Legacy Summit, co-sponsored by the Stanley Tookie Williams Legacy Network, CEDP, Kevin Cooper Defense Committee and others.