Struggling for the truth

Excerpts from Kevin Cooper's writings

Kevin Cooper has continuously spoken out from his death row cell with his passionate speeches at Live From Death Row events, moving paintings and inspirational essays. The following is a small selection from his prolific writings.

From "A Brief History on the Penalty of Death in America":
[Y]ou owe it to yourself to find out the historical truth about the death penalty, a penalty that is done in your name, a penalty that by its very nature is a true crime against humanity, a penalty that is unfair in who gets it and who doesn’t, a penalty that you don’t even have to kill someone to find yourself on death row waiting to be killed.

From "Compassionate Conservative":
President-select George Bush proudly calls himself a "compassionate person" and a conservative. These things, however, are like oil and water; they don’t mix! We experience their compassion each and every day that we wake up in this human warehouse, waiting our turn to have the ultimate compassion thrown our way! I don’t know about you, but I can do without this kind of "compassion"!

From "My Struggle":
I, who am numbered C-65304 and caged in 3-EB-82, find myself struggling for something while being held in one of America’s most cherished, most prized and most financially secure institutions. It’s the prison industrial complex, the death row section. What I am struggling for at this point in time in my life is more than just my innocence, more than just my freedom, more than just my life. I am struggling for the truth.

From "Reality Check":
It seems that the same people who controlled the plantations are now controlling the prisons, and the same people who were in those plantations are now in these prisons. Prison is now big business, and to be profitable, new prisons must be justified and then filled. The politicians use scare tactics in order to get society to build more prisons, then they pass laws making it easier to put people in prisons, locking up more people, especially people of color.

Kevin Cooper, C-65304 3-EB-82, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA 94974