Thank You!

From the Campaign to End the Death Penalty

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty would like to thank two important funding sources.

Sharing Fund of the Riverside Church
-- $5,000 from the Sharing Fund of the Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027, 212-870-6700. The Campaign hosted an important event last year at Riverside Church, a panel discussion as part of the national speaking tour that featured recently released Illinois death row prisoner Madison Hobley; Pauline Matthews, the mother of Louisiana death row prisoner Ryan Matthews; actor and activist Ossie Davis; and other local activists. Riverside Church’s donation went to help cover the expenses of the Campaign’s highly successful national convention. At that convention, we had family members of those on death row from as far away as California, Texas, Louisiana, as well as Illinois.

Synapses Foundation
-- $2,000 from the Synapses Foundation in Chicago. We want to thank the newly formed Synapses Foundation for recognizing and supporting the efforts of the Campaign. This grant will go toward helping to promote our abolition efforts in Illinois.