Looking "Outside-From-Within"

By: Kenneth Collins

I am a (Warriorlistic) transluminary, incarcerated Competent-Man;
looking any which way my (Universal-Spiritual-Soul) can withstand.

To also help (strengthen and uplift) others with a sense of purpose and blessing-hand;
not asking nor seeking (gratification) for ones (obligations), in relating positive-demand.

Everyone should contribute as (individuals or collectively) and take a stand;
towards (re-establishing) a peaceful, loving, non-violent, caring; unified-land.

There's so-so many (innocent) children, women, and men, out there dying;
yet my (inner-soul) plus Voice; continues to reach out to those that are crying.

(When) though All this Stormy-Chaos and Mass destruction, of (Sin) going to End?
For it has sadly (destroyed and abominated), so many good-loveones, associates and friends.

Our so-called Leaders say; let our children be our future, teach-em well, and let them lead the way;
Yet our (Oppressors) laugh amongst "Us" all; as we continue to fade from that deadly-plague; guns, drugs and AIDS... or overall worst, "The Genocide-Plague!"

So ask Yourself; how is it so (convenient) of our "Overseers," to easily (Battle) someone else's (wars) -- and successfully able to send a Man to the Moon?
When (People) are steadily dying-up, buying-up, and crying-out, 2-High-Noon!

"Unite" my (sistas and brothas); wake-up, rise-up, and shape-up your "Role and Part";
Re-defining our misguided "Oppressors" wrongs to right, prevailing ones Soul and Heart!

Let's take this (flight) together, from the ground-up to the (Sky) universally; as we Unite to the Extreme:
Like "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." once (recited wondrously) and said; "I Have A Dream!"

I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with death row inmate Kenny Collins. Kenny has been held on Maryland's death row for twelve years and is currently incarcerated at the Super-Max prison in Baltimore.

Evidence that would have proven Kenny's innocence was illegally withheld during his trial. The state now admits that the two men who testified against him were unreliable witnesses. Kenny's trial lawyer did not call any witnesses or introduce any evidence on Kenny's behalf. Despite compelling evidence of Kenny Collins' innocence, Gov. Parris Glendening continues to push for the speed-up of executions regardless of the facts.

After the state of Maryland carried out the execution of Flint Gregory Hunt in July of 1997, Super-Max officials, aware that Flint and Kenny were close friends, moved Kenny into Flint Hunt's cell. In the face of this persistent dehumanization and injustice, Kenny Collins has defended himself through every means available to him, including by writing poetry, using the pen-name "Special K." Above is one of the many poems he has written.

Kenny wants urgently to reach an audience who understands that the fight against the death penalty is a fight for the humanity of each of us. Kenny has also become a regular speaker on the Campaign's program entitled "Live from Death Row," where he has been able to call in and talk to a live audience about the death penalty via speaker phone.

Kenny is very much in need of contributions for his legal defense, and he would also be very glad to hear from abolitionists in response to this following example of his work.

Virginia Harabin

To contact Kenny, write to:
Mr. Kenneth Collins #189948
401 East Madison St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

Send inquiries or donations to the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.