Thanks For Your Donation

Thanks to all those who donated part or all of their tax refund check or made a donation recently to the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

So far, we raised nearly $2,000 that will help us in our struggle against the death penalty. We would like to acknowledge all those who donated.

  • Jerry Allen
  • Doug Anderson
  • Alice Boyd
  • Nathen Banne
  • William Beatty
  • William Carl
  • Norman and Pat Dressler
  • Jimmy Harkin
  • Alice Kim
  • Bill Kimmel
  • Chel Lancaster
  • Scott Langley
  • Alan Maass
  • Rosemary Malone
  • Marlene Martin
  • Kathleen McNulty
  • Carole Menetrez
  • Pamela Moffat
  • Jay Nickerson
  • Judith Phillips
  • David Prickett
  • Nancy Reed
  • James Robertson
  • Jennifer Rowe
  • Patrick Switzer
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Lewin Wertheimer
  • Richard Wolf

And a special thanks to the A.J. Muste Foundation for a grant that will help sustain the work of the Campaign.