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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Lynching Then and Lynching Now

The Roots of Racism and the Death Penalty in America

Wednesday April 28th, 7PM 
Harold Washington Library Room 8S14 & 15 
400 South State Street
For more information call 845 702 4939

While the haunting images of racially motivated lynch mobs may seem like distant memories best forgotten, for millions of african americans languishing within the confines of the criminal injustice system, the legacy of Jim Crow "justice" is alive and well. The death penalty continues to be the sharp edge of institutionalized racism, disproportionally targeting minorities and the poor. From the John Burge torture scandals, to large number of wrongly convicted prisoners cleared thanks to DNA testing, now more than ever we have an opportunity to expose the death penalty for what it is: Legalized lynching. 

There is a critical need to rebuild civil rights struggles and dismantle this country’s execution chambers. This tour will bring together those who have been freed from death row, activists and scholars to explore the role of racism in our criminal justice system, and how and why the death penalty and unjust sentencing can be abolished.

Part of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty's National Speaking Tour

Marvin Reeves – Tortured by former Chicago police Lt. Jon Burge into falsely confessing to a crime he didn't commit -spending over twenty years in prison as a result. He was finally freed in 2009. Read more about Marvin's case here: http://socialistworker.org/2010/03/26/a-free-man-at-last

Mark Clements - Also a victim of Police torture at the hands of Jon Burge. Convicted to life without the possibiility of parole as a juvenile offender, he has been involved in the struggle against the criminal justice system since his release.

Marlene Martin - National Director, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and long time anti-death penalty activist.

Sponsored by:  
Campaign To End the Death Penalty (for more information contact Ken -andrewalex@yahoo.com
Chicago International Socialist Organization (for more information contact John - jmcd1917@gmail.com ) 

Harold Washington College Socialist Club