IT ISN'T OVER: Message from Martin Correia and Troy Davis

Lily Hughes

I just wanted to take a moment to let people know that yesterday evening I spoke with Martina Correia, Troy's sister and champion.

Despite being ill, Martina has been able to be with Troy over the last few days, and was able to attend the clemency hearing for Troy.  Her doctor worked closely with her to make it possible for her to leave the hospital to be with Troy and her family. 

When we were talking about how her doctors were helping, I thought of the call for the medical staff at the hospital to refuse to carry out the execution.  She said her doctor is against the death penalty and fully supports her – now that is what doctors should be doing!

We discussed the case and as she says – IT'S NOT OVER  - they are going to the courts for a stay and will try to take it all the way to the Supreme Court.  She also stressed the call to the Savannah DA – he can request that the judge withdraw the death warrant, and she said people should keep up the pressure.

We talked a little about the clemency hearing – she described how during the hearing last year, the DA from the original trial took to the stand and acted like he had amnesia – he kept saying that the case was over 20 years old and he couldn't remember this or that about it.  But at the clemency hearing on Monday this same DA got up and suddenlty remembered how that had done so much investigation and done everything right.

The family was shocked that the clemency board could deny Troy with everything that was presented in his favor. 

We talked about what the victim's family has been saying in the media – and she stressed that for their part, Troy's family has always expressed sympathy to them and tried to show how Troy's family has been victimized by this ordeal.

Martina and her family visited with Troy yesterday and she said they are so heartened by the outpouring of support for Troy – Martina said that they are amazed at how people all over the world are speaking out because they are reading about the case on their own and seeing that is a travesty of justice. 

Troy told her to let people know that he hopes everyone will keep fighting.  Again, IT ISN'T OVER - Troy intends to fight all the way  and so should we.  He also said that no matter what happens, he wants people to keep in mind that it's not just about him - he hopes people will continue to fight until the death penalty is finally abolished.

Martina told me to please convey a thank you  to the CEDP for everything we are doing.  I told her that we loved her very much and to please give our love to Troy and let him know that we will be fighting for him now and always.

Lily Mae Hughes, Campaign to End the Death Penalty