Tales from death row: Justice for Rodney Reed by Caitlin Adams

This poem was inspired by actual events that occurred on 1/31/12 to Rodney.


Locked in a shower stall,
Strangers ransack your "home".

Your Bible,
All of your letters,
All of your legal documents,
The legal pads you write letters on,


You don't know where your things are,
Or if you will ever get them back.
You can't call the police.

You are an innocent man on death row.
You have no rights.

No crime was committed,
When they "stole" your belongings.

You are a non-entity,
Reduced to a number.
They are the system.

Your questions go unanswered.
Your requests are ignored.
The system is deaf and blind.

Yet you live on,
Day after day,
5,421 days.

I hear you.
I see you.

We hear you.
We see you.

Rodney's mom and I contacted Rodney's attorney 2/3 who immediately wrote a letter to the head warden. The letter was received 2/6 and as of my most recent visit 2/7, Rodney was being taken to a special room to go through all of his belongings, to account for everything. The hope is that he will then be permitted to take his belongings with him back to his "home."

Caitlin Adams is a resident of Bastrop, Texas.  After meeting the family of Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed outside of their home in early 2011, she began writing with Rodney.  She has developed a friendship with Rodney's mother Sandra and his family in Bastrop, as well as making regular trips to death row to visit Rodney. 

After learning about the facts of Rodney's case, Caitlin has become an advocate for Rodney Reed – here we present Caitlin's story about her journey for justice.