Voices from California's Death Row

Cathy Sarinana

My Opinions

1)      Yes, I would like to see this initiative passed. The very thought of looking at death in the face each and every day causes me to be filled with panic, anxiety and terror, not to mention depression! Imagine living each day being nervous and edgy? With this initiative maybe being passed I will be able to lay my head down at night without a frightful image of being laid on the table., strapped down with on-lookers watching.

2)      I do not care for the replacement of life without possibility instead of a death sentence for one reason. It’s just another way to sugar coat yet another spiteful way to severely punish us. Truth be told it’s not just the death penalty that needs to be fixed, it’s our entire judicial system. California has the largest prison in the country or one of), it has over 30 prisons that warehouse men and women inmates. A vast majority of these inmates hold life sentences and an extremely profound number of life without parole inmates. To me this is just a quick fix to a small portion of our system and will be adding more to the overcrowding in the general population yard.

3)      I think offering inmates jobs is wonderful but requiring them to work is another. If this does indeed pass my concern is that the facilities find areas in which all LWOPS can work. I know that not all individuals here on the row can work for various reasons; many are older and can’t do much on their feet, mental disabilities, but there are those that do have the want and need to work.

4)      LWOP paying 60% of earned wages.. This is on top of the already percentage of 55% that goes to restitution fines that all inmates pay? Every single dime whether it’s earned or gifted, sent in by family or friends, more than ½ of the money is taken out. So being realistic they just want 5% more from working wages. A lot of people in society do not know we already pay this.

5)      I have read over both initiatives “The Justice that Works Act” and “The Death Penalty Reform Act” and my opinion is that it’s evident that people see that our system is broken ad want to fix it. But in order to repair this system it must be examined closely. Voters should evaluate their hears and look inside to see if they could live with making the choice of taking the lives of someone’s mother, father, child, niece, nephew, grandkid, spouse or friends by voting to keep  the death penalty. It’s a very hard decision that one must make.

6)      I gave this questionnaire great thought and decided to o ahead and share my thoughts and feeling in hopes to show someone – even if its one person  that I am a person with feeling and emotions. Not just someone that has a death sentence. We are people. Search your heart on your voyage to vote. 

From Cathy Sarinana