Voices from California's Death Row

Martin Jennings

Let’s address if “The Justice that Works Act” should pass or not?

Well! What I’m about to say, maybe a little controversial! But here it goes…

95% or more of the death penalty cases are legally flawed in the state of California. The majority of the cases have a number of common aggravating factors such as attorney misconduct, false confessions, manipulation of witnesses or evidence, law enforcement misconduct, etc, that are present. The initiative is merely a Band-Aid that covers up a much bigger problem in the judicial system in California. The system is unbalanced it’s a prosecutors’ idea environment. Most of the States’ judges have a former association with the prosecutor’s office or law enforcement which we could be considered a conflict. So under these circumstances neither “The Justice that Works Act” or “The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act” should pass. 

As for a LWOP sentence, instead of the Death penalty? Given the circumstances described above. Why would LWOP be a veritable option? Especially if you’re innocent person or guilty of a lesser crime legally? Knowing that it’s being done under the disguise of justice or for the concern of money.

To the issue of work for all those with LWOP, it’s not possible. Either security concerns or lack of job assignments in DCD. Make this requirement extremely difficult to achieve. Especially for death row inmates. To Require LWOP inmates into forced labor is a little hypocritical when this country condemns forced labor camps.

Restitution? A number of inmates already pay 55%. To raise it to 60% would be excessive in most people’s opinion.

“The Justice that Works Act” and “The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act” ballot initiatives are considered to be a ways that cover up a number of judicial problems or failures within the system. The proof is out there, through websites if you look.  I urge everyone who reads our opinions to do your own research on this matter. Don’t rely on media hype and make an informed decision please. 

From Martin Jennings