Voices from California's Death Row



1. Would I like to see the Justice Act passed?

No. This is another poorly thought out law. It is designed to lock up everyone regardless of the severity of their crime. I thought CDCR meant rehabilitation and not just locking them up and throwing away the keys. Someone should look into the special on prisons in Germany and other Europeans countries that 60 Minutes did. The maximum time someone does for murder is around 20 years, depending on the crime. Everyone has a chance to get out. Also, it’s slave labor with very minimum pay and the opportunity to gouge the public for as much as 60% of the money the people try to send to their loved ones incarcerated.

Also, is CDCR going to make people over 65 work, over 70, over 80? The law posts no limits on when CDCR can no longer compel one to work. And what about the inmates that have severe medical problems, and might not be able to work?

2. How do you feel about replacement of the death penalty with LWOP?

I do not want it to pass, all my appeals are over. I have been doing LWOP for the last 38 years. I have several severe medical problems that just keep getting worse and I don’t want to keep going on like this. I would rather have my execution carried out. They should have written something in the law that would give a person whose appeals are over, to choose if they want their execution carried out.

3. How do you feel about the requirement that all those with LWOP sentences have to work (these would include all those currently on death row?)

I feel it should be up to each person. There might be people that want to better themselves by going to school.

4. I feel that 60% is way too high, and it’s wrong that CDCR would also take money that was sent in by family, and friends. It would also be punishing them, for having a loved one incarcerated. It puts a heavy burden on family and friends that want to help their loved ones by sending them money for help with things they need. But CDCR wants to punish families and friends by taking their hard earned money also.

Question for you.

In your question #4, it says that all LWOP would have to pay 60% of their wags earned toward restitution if they have restitution orders in their case? But in the new Ballot initiative it says that any one that is found guilty of murder and sentenced or resentenced to a term LWOP would be required to work and pay 60% of their wages and money taken from them that their loved ones send in.  Is this true that if we are resentenced we would have to pay this 60%?

I wish someone would look into the Programs in the prisons in Germany. In 60 Minutes special they had senators and one warden from the mid-west go there and see how t heir system works. When the Warden got back he said that it was a very good program, and let everyone have another chance to get out.

I would like my comments published anonymously. Thank you for taking the time to get our comments.