Voices from California's Death Row

Carman L. Ward

1)      “The Justice that Works Act” sucks, and will not receive an endorsement from this writer! For to trade in my condemned label for that of a LWOP prisoner who – according to this writers reading of the sneaky, open-ended language articulated in Section 2 (6) – will have an opportunity to “work, in perpetuity”, for the victims right fund is a horrible plan. Who has ever heard of a person having to forfeit 60% of their $ for the remainder of their life time? (See Sec 3(2))

2)      Provided that the LWOP replacement is first detached from this horrible Act, this writer will reserve his support.

3)      The CDCR has been engaged in a wrasslin’ match with courts over the over-crowding problem. So, should LWOP be super-imposed on the 750+ condemned prisoners, will this 750+ a) automatically jump to the head of a line to work and generate the 60% - thus pissing off, to the point of retaliation, the current lifers who have been awaiting work to pay off their own fines?; or b) automatically fall in at the end of the line – and piss off a public who will feel duped into believing that there would’ve been a sudden influx of money? Dying, for this writer, will cost less.

4)      60% of our wages? For how damn long? What is the celling? This type of plan has been bad since the days when it went by the name of indentured servitude. Exactly ow does this act square with those condemned prisoners whom have or are closing in on crossing the restitution for a specific amount of $ finish line? Will they, then, have to pay a second restitution? Has anyone run the numbers on the type of $ you’re giving away?  (See Sec 10 (1)).

5)      Should “The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act” receive the most votes it will not change federal court’s standards for reviewing capital cases.

 Thanks, but this is a helping hand I can do without.  

From Carman L. Ward