Voices from California's Death Row

Joseph Nissensohn

1.      Yes and No. I’d like it passed for obvious reasons – No Death. But if it’s passed we lose a lot of our appeals, which means I don’t get to prove my innocence.

2.      If it wasn’t for the reasons I have stated in Q#1, I’d say yes. LWOP is better than the death penalty, especially since like me there have been so many people proved to be innocent after spending over 20 years on death row which keeps you locked in a tiny cell for 20-22 hours a day locked in that cell.

3.      I think getting/having a job is great – it’s something to do besides reading or watching TV.

4.      I can understand them taking 60% of money earned at a job. But, to take 60% of money sent in by a family member, friend or anyone else is wrong – it’s like they’re paying for something they never did.

5.      Well, that’s just great now they can accidently kill more innocent people because they cut their appeals.

6.      They need to have more attorneys to do appeals. We have to wait 5 year to get an attorney and the courts take years to make a decision hoping the person will die of old age so they don’t show the person was screwed in court by either their attorney or judge.

From Joseph Nissensohn