Voices from California's Death Row

Ricardo-Rene Sanders

Greetings Campaign to End the Death Penalty, 

In response to the ballot initiative “the Justice that Works Act”…it seems that it has more to do with the interest of extracting more money from the families of the poor prisoners that are already being extorted, exploited and crushed under the weight of this current “justice” system, as well as new prisoners to come, which already financially abuse prisoners at/from every angle possible, with exorbitant prices & Fees for often substandard product. Moreover, adding insult to injury, by a push to force harsh labor demands, thus, turning the clock back a 100 years. 

I vigorously fight for my Innocence via federal habeas ANY initiative to increase penalty upon me or speed up my execution is absolute Sadistic & moreover Criminal!

To these “The Justice that Works Act” and “Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act” initiatives as well as anybody that support he, I say very loudly: “FUCK YOU!” 

From Ricardo-Rene Sanders

I have no negative energy for any victim family members, as I too, am a victim and seek real justice and relief. 

If there is any genuine interest and concern regarding the death penalty, it should be about speedily assisting wrongfully convicted prisoners and restoring the life they’ve been unjustly robbed of, which should be everybody’s real concern!

It’s made mention repeatedly about the millions of dollars spent on this system…where’s the money??

I haven’t seen it, victim families say they haven’t seen it – so maybe these initiatives should really be about extracting money from those whose pockets it goes into.