Voices from California's Death Row

Crandell Ojore Mckinnon

The INJUSTICE of Ballot Measure #62: The Justice that Works Act

Upon arriving on death row at San Quentin State Prison, back in March, 1999, I have not experienced nor witnessed Justice at Work, only a willingness not to put in the work to achieve Justice in my case by subverting my rights, obstructing justice and suppressing my fight for Liberation. And this November ballot measure #62, the Justice that Works Act”, will not alleviate these “Injustices.” Instead it will impede my “right” to appeal my “wrongful Conviction”.

Having read both ballot measures, #62, The Justice that Works Act (to repeal the D.P.) and #66, Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act (to speed up process). I must admit both are designed and constructed to further harm me, restrict my appellate rights and deny me Justice! Therefore, I prefer to maintain my access to the appellate courts even at the risk of being murdered by the state.

How do I rationalize such a decision?

First and foremost, due to the fact I’m INNOCENT of these charges. I was framed by a racist police department and charged by a corrupt malfeasant District Attorney Office (Riverside Co.) that permitted the prosecutor to further engage in acts of corruption, intimidation, misfeasance, paying people to lie and knowingly allowing perjury.

Second, I have been stranded on death row at San Quentin State Prison for 17 years without State Habeas Corpus Counsel. For all of 17years I have conducted a letter writing campaign requesting Habeas counsel from the California Supreme Court, filing a Petition for Appointment of counsel. I have a right to counsel and the courts have denied, violated and now obstructed my right to counsel. Why now would I embrace a ballot measure that permit the state to shirk their constitutional responsibilities and obligations? And accept being dismissed with a LWOP sentence and no recourse to address the egregious acts of Injustice imposed on me at every level of the (In)justice system.

Justice that works in my case is justice that liberates me from this continuous miscarriage of justice and injustice. Or at the very least, appoints me qualified counsel to exercise my appellate rights that the state of California has infringed on and obstructed for 17 years. Both of these measures are Injustices at Work” in accordance with those concerned with fiscal savings not justice or the injustice imposed on indigent prisoners wo have languished on death row for decades while awaiting appointment of counsel and now will be up against the law-filing time limits-the state infringed upon and disregarded due to their failure to appoint representation. Those who propose such ballot measures are aware of this and fail to address this dilemma or the issues around the application of the death penalty and the appointment of counsel.

To be clear, a LWOP (Life without parole) sentence is a death sentence by another name, not justice by any means. Justice that works is “Justice for Ojore!” Please visit my blog (see http://betweenthebars.org/blogs/7375) to find out how you can support me and my quest for Justice that works with a just outcome being freedom.

From my stance on Maa, a voice from DEATHROW!

From Crandell Ojore Mckinnon