Voices from California's Death Row

Eric Houston

Hello. My name is Mr. Houston, and I’m one of the seven hundred death penalty inmates at San Quentin Prison.

Myself I’d like Life Without Parole over the death penalty hanging over my head.

Yes. Life without parole would keep the public safe still, and break up the row to mainline housing.

We’d have access to jobs, school, and learn prison job skills. What San Quentin offers here. What jobs on the row it’s limited to only a handful here.

Victim’s restitution? A large percent pay like fifty five percent already any funds coming in handed down by the courts.

Did readers know that a fund set up by victims restitution and department of corrections have a large multi-million dollar account for victims and families who don’t know about it. CDC collects the interest from, but it’s not really publicly known to the outside.

It’s from years of restitution payed by inmates. 

Why it costs a hundred million for death row housing? Well, it’s not for us it is for the endless number of correctional guards that work in the death penalty unit. It’s like a mini over funded city with guards everywhere. Money Pit for useless made up jobs. Four on the catwalks, ten work on the tiers, and five just count inmates every thirty minutes (on and on…) you have half of dozen just run inmates to visits and it the unit clinic to ones that run or oversee the meals (on and on)

You got prison nurses/mental health workers plus two prison guard sergeants every shift and a lieutenant plus a captain….

You add up a salary starting at $40 dollars an hour or ore that’s where California spends its budget on death row. 

It’s the money pit for the department of Corrections hire and big state secret nobody talks about. 

From Eric Houston