Voices from California's Death Row

Keith Zon Doolin

Would you like to see “The Justice that Works Act” passed or not? Why or why not? 

Yes, it is better that this Bill passes versus the State of Ca’s bill. 

How do you feel about the replacement of Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP), instead of the death penalty?

For most up here the LWOP is already taken place due to that massive delay in the State Court System and then going to the Federal Court System and even having to go back down to the State Court system to get things done and at the end of the day 20 to 30 years is already gone. The only thing that will help if you do have a massive legal issue is California Senate Bill (s) 694, 1058, 1134 and all related penal codes. 

How do you feel about the requirement that all those with LWOP sentences have to work (this would include all those currently on death row)?

The vital fact is most on Ca. Death row have arms and legs so they can work it is the fact that there is no full time work for full time pay. The other massive fact is that since most have been in cages for years and years it will take years to get them to work around others without issues. 

How do you feel about the mandate that all those with LWOP sentences would have to pay 60% of their wages earned toward restitution if they have restitution orders in their case?

If there is full time work for full time pay they should pay. 

There is also a ballot initiative called "The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act" that seeks to speed up executions. If both pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect. Does that change how people should vote? Does that change your opinion of the Justice that Works Act?

No, due to the ballot with the most votes should win. My opinion does not change on the grounds that if you expose $4,000,000,000+ has already been spent by the State of Ca and it takes $100,000,000.00+ per year to keep it running that will open the public eyes. Also expose the fact that under penal code 987.9 the prelim and trial lawyers get paid out of it and I exposed that my pre-lim and trial lawyer stole $71,323.85 or 91.3% of the total case funds. Since I am the first to expose this at least 100 cases must be investigate and I bet there is more now. 

 If you have other opinions about these initiatives please tell us.

The most vital thing is that for those that have not been able to prove the factual innocent issue that someday can need to have that offer on the table and better yet set in stone.

From Keith Zon Doolin