Voices from California's Death Row

Brandon A. Taylor

1.      Would you like to see “The Justice that Works Act” passed or not? Why or why not? 

No, because there are and will be deserving inmates. 

2.      How do you feel about the replacement of Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP), instead of the death penalty?

I believe it is not the alternative because a lot of inmates have served a lot of time on their crimes. 

3.      How do you feel about the requirement that all those with LWOP sentences have to work (this would include all those currently on death row)?

I don’t understand where this question fits in the overall subjects. 

4.      How do you feel about the mandate that all those with LWOP sentences would have to pay 60% of their wages earned toward restitution if they have restitution orders in their case?

I believe a lesser percentage is fair.

5.      There is also a ballot initiative called "The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act" that seeks to speed up executions. If both pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect. Does that change how people should vote? Does that change your opinion of the Justice that Works Act?

I would still seek a full appeal in either case and always a fair sentence.

6.      If you have other opinions about these initiatives please tell us.


Reasonable sentences for the correct and correctable life without and death penalty for those who are not correct or correctable.  

From Brandon A. Taylor