Voices from California's Death Row



Thank you so much for sending this information. I’m responding to the questions. Feel free to publish if you like. Who I am doesn’t matter.

After sixteen years of being on death row dealing with racial and sexual harassment, reality tells me it matters not what I feel on any matter. I’m a prisoner subject to who’s in power or whatever law is passed or not. Still the fact remains I don’t agree with any things that has a controlling force over my life.

LWOP should be taken off the table, if the death penalty goes. During the penalty phase of trial the defendant will get either or, life or death. Since the choice is between the two life or death presented together, why not push to eliminate them together. Those are just my thoughts and feelings. If you can’t have one why keep the other.

I’m not going to work period. For me, SLAVERY is over. I’m not going back. The only way I might consider working is if I had a release date. If I’m going to spend the remainder of my days in a cell block, I’m doing it my way, work free.

This is cruel and unusual punishment. The pay one gets is horrible, and they still want to take 60%. I’m sure glad I have no restitution. Damn prisoners have no rights. Stripped of freedom and sex.

If both pass it’ll depend on who the person is that’s voting. People will often do what’s most comfortable for them. Unless they are really about change, then you’ll see something.

Lastly I have no opinions, it is my feeling that they won’t end the D.P. but speed it up. I may be wrong. Admittedly this is a huge mess. But does it really matter what I think and feel, I’m deemed the worst sometimes I figure I’m lucky to be alive J  After all this is American “Home of the Coffin”.