Voices from California's Death Row


By: J.H.

Answers to the questions asked:

1.      Passed, because killing wrong no matter the reason. It’s even worse when the thought of taking a life is on the minds of those wanting it for so many years. Talk about premeditation.

2.      I don’t believe any inmate likes the LWOP sentence as you’re saying no one is capable of change. How dare they assume such a thing? If we have been down 15, 20, or 30 years, like me. No trouble, worked, went to school and looked to better yourself each day, then why can’t there be a light at the end of the tunnel? If you give them something to strive for I’m sure even the prisons would be safer for inmates and guards as well.

3.      Hell, I’d love to work. I’ve been trying for 10 plus years to work cleaning the visiting room. It’s filthy. But to no avail.  They didn’t even need to pay me.

4.      As for restitution, well, I’m not sure what the percentage should be – however, it should be restricted to money WE earn in prison and not any coming in from family and loved ones. As it’s our restitution, not our families. 

5.      To me, it’s sad that either one needs to be on the ballot. But everyone should vote because it was so close last time.

We are your fathers/sons/mothers/daughters and in most cases a decision was made in very few seconds which would change the course of many lives. You shouldn’t take away all hope of our ever getting your life back. I’m not sure what the recidivism rate is on those who spent 20 plus years in prison, but I’m sure it’s very small.

If either passes, I’m told all death row will be moved to other prisons. I am fearful that will cause many suicides or killings once we arrive at other prisons. Something to consider.

From J.H.