Voices from California's Death Row

By: Loy, C-33245

1.      What happens to inmate that are innocent? All your appeals stop and you have to do life without parole?  NO.

2.      That sounds fair if a person commits a serious crime he or she has to be punished.

3.      There are inmates now on death row paying restitution and not working their family are paying the restitution.  Their family are being punished, also there are inmates on death row that are working and paying restitution and it’s working.

4.      Death row inmate and LWOP and inmates alone that are ordered by courts are paying restitution already. And for a fact the victims are not getting their money.

5.      I am totally innocent, and was wrongfully convicted, and the people and the state want to hurry up and execute me. They give me a public defender, that’s given little money to work with the DA who gets all the money they need and all the time to respond to appeal.  PD have a time limit, it’s gotten to a point there already convicting innocent people, what’s next.  Executing an innocent inmate and then paying for their mistakes with taxpayer’s money.  Since 1989, DNA has led to exoneration of 337 people in the USA and twenty of them were on death row.  DA’s and law enforcement getting away with misconduct over and over, and are not being punished for their actions, because they have immunity and as long as they continue to have immunity they will continue.

6.      How about judges,  law officers, DA’s, there is nothing stating if they committed a serious crime, where they committed a serious crime all they get is a slap on the hand

I looked nothing like my picture in 1999 – now look at me 63 years old and rotting my life away for something I didn’t do. 

From Loy, C-33245