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Updated on: March 28, 2020

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About Alaska Department of Corrections

The Alaska Department of Corrections is responsible for providing reformative programs, secure confinement, along with supervised community reintegration program, which will protect everyone involved.

The employees who work under the Alaska Department of Corrections are proud to provide the state with a respective, open, and safe organization for those individuals who walk through their doors. All employees of the Alaska Department of Corrections will treat all individuals with dignity and respect they deserve no matter what crime they’ve committed.

Everyone employed by the Alaska Department of Corrections will undergo the Training and Recruitment Academy. The Training and Recruitment Academy will provide the employees with the tools and resources to ensure they know how to protect the communities they serve in.

The Alaska Department of Corrections offers the following services and programs for their inmates:

  • Educational Services
  • Vocational Services
  • Chaplaincy Services/Programs
  • Employment Workshop
  • USDOL Apprenticeship Programs
  • Pro-Social Education Services
  • Substance Abuse Programs

Basic Information

Types of Correctional Facilities in Alaska

Alaska Prisons and Jails

Correctional Facility Name
Kotzebue County Jail County Jail Kotzebue County
Kodiak County Jail County Jail Kodiak County
Klawock County Jail County Jail Klawock County
King Cove County Jail County Jail King Cove County
Ketchikan County Jail County Jail Ketchikan County
Kenai County Jail County Jail Kenai County
Skagway County Jail County Jail Skagway County
Seward County Jail County Jail Seward County
Sand Point County Jail County Jail Sand Point County
Pilot Station County Jail County Jail Pilot Station County
Petersburg County Jail County Jail Petersburg County
Palmer County Jail County Jail Palmer County
North Pole County Jail County Jail North Pole County
Wrangell County Jail County Jail Wrangell County
Whittier County Jail County Jail Whittier County
Valdez County Jail County Jail Valdez County
Unalaska County Jail County Jail Unalaska County
Tanana County Jail County Jail Tanana County
St. Paul County Jail County Jail St. Paul County
Soldotna County Jail County Jail Soldotna County
Sand Point Community Jail County Jail Aleutians East Borough County
Adak Community Jail County Jail Aleutians West County
Kake Community Jail County Jail Wrangell-Petersburg County
Skagway Community jail County Jail Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon County
Unalaska Department of Public Safety Jail County Jail Aleutians West County
Yakutat Community Jail County Jail Yakutat County
Klawock Community Jail County Jail Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan County
Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility County Jail Ketchikan Gateway Borough County
Kotzebue Regional Jail County Jail Northwest Arctic Borough County
Sitka Community Jail County Jail Sitka Borough County