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Updated on: May 28, 2020

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About Florida Department of Corrections

First and foremost, the third-largest state prison system within the United States that has an annual operating budget of $2.7 million goes to the Florida Department of Corrections. Annually, you will find around 95,000 inmates in one of the Florida Department of Corrections facilities along with another 164,000 individuals who are on probation and supervised by the agency.

The Florida Department of Correction is home to 145 facilities throughout the state, including another 50 correctional institutions, 17 annexes, seven private facilities, 34 work camps, 12 FDC work release centers, 3 reentry centers, 2 road prisons, 18 private work release facilities, one basic training camp, and one forestry camp.

The largest agency within Florida is going to be the Florida Department of Corrections. Nearly 80 percent of people employed with the Florida Department of Corrections will either hold the title of a probation officer or a certified correctional officer in one of their many facilities.

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