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Updated on: April 15, 2020

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About Indiana Department of Corrections

The largest law enforcement agency within the state of Indiana is the Indiana Department of Corrections.  The Indiana Department of Corrections has over 6,400 employees. The Indiana Department of Correction is responsible for 10,000 parolees within the state of Indiana along with 25,000 adult offenders and 450 juvenile offenders that are housed in one of the many correctional institutions throughout the state.

The Indiana Department of Corrections is responsible for the following facilities and districts:

  • 10 Parole Districts
  • 5 Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • 18 Adult Correctional Facilities

The main mission of the Indiana Department of Corrections is not only to rehabilitate those people they are responsible for, but also to increase public safety as well.

The Indiana Department of Corrections is all about implementing innovative solutions to problems that the general public may notice. The agency will take ideas from the general public, so it is best to reach out to the Commissioner, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Basic Information

Indiana Prisons and Jails

Correctional Facility Name
Franklin County Jail County Jail Franklin County
Clark County – Michael Belcher Adult Correctional Complex County Jail Clark County
Clark County Juvenile County Jail Clark County
Fulton County Jail County Jail Fulton County
Lake County Jail County Jail Lake County
Scott County Jail County Jail Scott County
Lake County Juvenile Center County Jail Lake County
Warren County Jail County Jail Warren County
Boone County Jail County Jail Boone County
Jefferson County Jail County Jail Jefferson County
Madison County Youth Center County Jail Madison County
Madison County Jail County Jail Madison County
Putnam County Jail County Jail Putnam County
Shelby County Jail County Jail Shelby County
Orange County Jail County Jail Orange County
Randolph County Jail County Jail Randolph County
DeKalb County Jail County Jail De Kalb County
Benton County Jail County Jail Benton County
Marion County Liberty Hall Jail County Jail Marion County
Marion County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Marion County
Marion County Indiana Jail County Jail Marion County
Washington County Jail County Jail Washington County
Jackson County Juvenile County Jail Jackson County
Jackson County Jail County Jail Jackson County
Montgomery County Jail County Jail Montgomery County
Cicero City Jail City Jail Hamilton County
Camden Town City Jail City Jail Carroll County
Bicknell City Jail City Jail Knox County
Battle Ground City Jail City Jail Tippecanoe County
Amo City Jail City Jail Hendricks County