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Updated on: April 21, 2020

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About Kansas Department of Corrections

The Kansas Department of Corrections is responsible for all state prisons within the state of Kansas. What you may or may not know about the Kansas Department of Corrections is they are not only held responsible for just the offenders within the state prisons, but they are also responsible for offenders who are on probation, parole, and in various work centers throughout the state as well.

When it comes to the Kansas Department of Corrections, the agency tries and uses their facilities as a last resort, when they can.

In their facilities you will find inmates who are waiting for their trial and inmates who are serving out their sentences. Then within the community, you will see offenders who are on either probation or parole.

The inmates who are granted parole and probation will need to meet certain requirements that will not only keep them safe, but the community safe as well.

Basic Information

Kansas Prisons and Jails

Correctional Facility Name
Norton Correctional Facility – Satellite Unit State Prison Rooks County
El Dorado State Prison – Satellite Unit Minimum State Prison Labette County
El Dorado Correctional Facility State Prison Butler County
Topeka Correctional Facility State Prison Shawnee County
Norton Correctional Facility State Prison Norton County
Ellsworth Correctional Facility State Prison Ellswoth County
Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility State Prison Pawnee County
Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility State Prison Pawnee County
Southwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center State Prison Finney County
Hutchinson Correctional Facility State Prison Reno County
Lansing Correctional Facility State Prison Leavenworth County
Kansas Juvenile Correctional East – Male State Prison Shawnee County
Kansas Juvenile Correctional West – Female State Prison Shawnee County
North Central Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention Facility State Prison Geary|ness County
USP Leavenworth Federal Prison Leavenworth
Wallace County Jail County Jail Wallace County
Woodson County Jail County Jail Woodson County
Ness County Jail County Jail Ness County
Wabaunsee County Jail County Jail Wabaunsee County
Norton County Jail County Jail Norton County
Stanton County Jail County Jail Stanton County
Osborne County Jail County Jail Osborne County
Phillips County Jail County Jail Phillips County
Republic County Jail County Jail Republic County
Nemaha County Jail County Jail Nemaha County
Jewell County Jail County Jail Jewell County
Edwards County Jail County Jail Edwards County
Elk County Jail County Jail Elk County
Ellsworth County Jail County Jail Ellsworth County
Gove County Jail County Jail Gove County