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Updated on: May 30, 2022

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About Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services was first established in 1856. Throughout this time, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services started constructing their facilities. They needed facilities to start housing the offenders of the state.

As time has moved on, just having facilities was not enough. The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services needs to improve upon how they treated these offenders. These offenders were not just some people who were convicted of felonies. These offenders were not hopeless cases.

These offenders needed stability, structure, and resources to rehabilitate themselves while they are away from society. This is when the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services started implementing their parole and correctional officers go through extensive training to provide these much-needed services to these offenders that could benefit from them.

Every parole and every correctional officer go through training when they get hired and even after they get hired as well. These training sessions are always beneficial not just for the officer, but for the inmates they serve as well.

Basic Information

Types of Correctional Facilities in Nebraska

Nebraska Prisons and Jails

Correctional Facility Name
Bayard City Jail City Jail Morrill County
Bassett City Jail City Jail Rock County
Atkinson City Jail City Jail Holt County
Alliance City Jail City Jail Box Butte County
Omaha Jail City Jail Douglas County
Lincoln Police Jail City Jail Lancaster County