Sent To Death Row On False Testimony

Hey, I’m a death row prisoner here in Texas. I’m not certain what you guys do! I’ve been on death row since 1990, and I cannot find any type of help.

I killed a man in self-defense, at his house partying. Then I got this great idea that if I made it look like a burglary, they wouldn’t think it was me. I have no idea why. Anyway, the original lawyers I had in my trial did absolutely nothing for me. They had me admit to all the facts but did nothing to form my position of self-defense.

Worse, the state had a pathologist named Ralph Erdmann get on the stand and say that it couldn’t have been self-defense because the victim was too drunk to attack anyone.

So I get the death penalty. The original layers I had refused to even show up for oral argument. And the CCA in Austin had no choice but to affirm my case.

I was given a date and would have been executed if it wasn’t for Edith Harrington, a member of the now extinct Texas Resource Center. I was given new lawyers, and they will not file anything such as insufficient council against their fellow lawyers.

More? Well, it turns out that this Ralph Erdmann has been linked to many false autopsies all over Texas. There is evidence that he accepted money and then never did autopsies and that he lied and faked evidence in many cases all over Texas. He faked toxicity tests, and he was in the newspapers for it. I begged my lawyers to please file something — here I’m trying to assert sef-defense, and this guy who has faked autopsies and toxicity tests and admitted to it said in my case that the victim was too drunk to attack me.

Well, my lawyers said that in their opinion, this wasn’t crucial to me getting the death penalty, and they won’t file anything.

Do you have any advice?

Granville Riddle #000965
Terrell Unit 12-d-c-41
12002 Fm 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

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