“It’s Important That We Remain Strong”

My name is Keith Lamar, and I’m writing to share a little piece I wrote in response to several suicides that occurred here last year at the new Supermax in Youngstown, Ohio.

Being a condemned prisoner myself, I am well aware of the extreme pressure that one encounters as one awaits the balance of an unknown and precarious fate. And I simply want to encourage those who remain trapped inside the mouth of this machine to not give up hope. As the pendulum of madness swings back towards more sane territory, it’s important that we remain strong in heart and spirits.

Keep hope alive (if we can do that together, all things are possible!)


Keith Lamar, #317-117
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown OH 44505-4635

Below is a reprint of Keith’s letter that appeared in the newsletter Impact. Keith wrote in response to the question: What could O.S.P. do to make you feel your life is more worth living?

“Every day I know I will be humiliated and that this little space will be violated”

I don’t know that anything (material) can be applied that would make me feel my life is more worth living. Every day, I wake up with the knowledge that at some point during the day, I am going to be humiliated, and that this little space in which I exist is going to be violated, and that whatever attempts I make towards maintaining my humanity will be challenged by an attitude of indifference that’s designed to make me feel like an animal.

And I would say, it doesn’t matter if you gave me all the televisions and commissary in the world. None of those things will make a difference if the willingness isn’t there to treat me like a human being.

Indeed, if I thought that this administration was truly concerned with the quality of our life, I would be the first to make suggestions. However, we all understand by now that this is all about money, plain and simple, and that the quality of our existence isn’t nearly as important as the quantity of dollars that this money machine is designed to make.

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