Report Back on “Live from Death Row” Events

New York City
by Tristin Adie

One hundred-sixty-five people turned out to a stirring “Live from Death Row” event at Hunter College on September 30.

Tyrone Gilliam and Kenny Collins addressed a live audience via speaker phone from Maryland’s death row. Both talked about the racism implicit in the death penalty and the impending execution date set for Tyrone. The audience gave a standing ovation for these two inmates as well as for the remaining panelists.

Leonard Weinglass, attorney for Mumia Abu-Jamal; Jay Nickerson, who represents Tyrone Gilliam; and Tristin Adie from the Campaign to End the Death Penalty all emphasized the horrific ways in which the state uses the death penalty against poor and working people and the critical need to organize a movement to stop it.

28 people joined the Campaign. Students from Fordham University and Columbia University were so inspired by the event they voiced interest in holding similar meetings on their campuses.

CEDP members now are building an all-out mobilization for the November 7 march and rally in Baltimore to stop the execution of Tyrone Gilliam.

by Sue Fitzgerald

Despite pouring rain, more than 100 people turned out for “Live from Death Row” on October 14 at Northeastern University Law School in Boston.

Maryland death-row inmates Kenny Collins and Tyrone Gilliam answered questions for the audience about the daily horror of life on death row, as well as the racism and barbarity of the death penalty. Tyrone Gilliam, whose execution date is scheduled for the week of November 16, encouraged the audience to mobilize for the November 7 demonstration in Baltimore to demand clemency from Gov. Parris Glendenning.

Other speakers at the event included John Gilliam Price, Tyrone’s brother-in-law; Sue Fitzgerald of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty; and Bobby Joe Leaster, a Boston community activist and outspoken opponent of the death penalty who spent nearly 16 years in a Massachusetts prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Dozens of people joined the Campaign and agreed to come to Baltimore. All out on November 7! Show your opposition to state-sponsored murder! Demand clemency for Tyrone Gilliam!

Providence, R.I.
by Brian Chidester

The Providence, R.I. chapter of the Campaign held a “Live From Death Row” meeting on October 15. About 75 people attended and 13 joined the Campaign.

Trenda Hazard spoke about her son Derick, who was recently given a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. Trenda made the point that if Rhode Island had the death penalty, Derick would certainly be on death row now.

Mike Stark, of the CEDP-D.C., talked about Tyrone Gilliam’s and Kenny Collins’ cases, and Sue Fitzgerald, CEDP-Boston, drove home the point that we need an activist campaign in R.I. to keep the death penalty out.

Other Events

Several other chapters held “Live from Death Row” events in October, but they took place too late for a full report to appear in this issue.

* University of Maryland, October 27 (60 attended)
* Georgetown University, October 28 (100 attended)
* George Washington University, October 30 (85 attended)

Upcoming “Live From Death Row” Meetings
Death Row Prisoners and Activists Speak Out Against The Death Penalty!

November 4, 7:30 pm
Barnard College, 116th and Broadway, New York City

November 15, 5:00 pm
Women’s Building, 18th and Valencia, San Francisco

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