“Hello, my name is David Lee Thomas…”

Hello, my name is David Lee Thomas, and I am from Fort Myers, Fla.

I have been on death row for nine years, 10 days. My family has turned their back on me. I write to them, but they don’t answer my letters at all. My mother will come visit and write to me, but she is a very sick woman. She has been very sick since I was a little boy.

When I went to prison, I couldn’t read at all. I taught myself what I know because I want to know. If someone writes to me, please print so I can understand.

Please find me a pen pal to write, because I’m so lonely and sad when I see others get mail and I don’t. It hurts me on the inside. Take care of yourself, and I hope to hear from somebody soon. I’m so lonely in this cell.

David Lee Thomas,
A-717466 #p6125S #A-1
Union Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 221, Raiford, FL 32083

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