Death penalty awareness week

October 13-17, 2003

By: Ginny Simmons

Two years ago, the Georgetown University chapter of the CEDP held its first-ever Death Penalty Awareness Week. The event was so successful building awareness on campus (even local press took an interest!) that Death Penalty Awareness week has become an annual event for all Campaign chapters nationally.

In the past, we focused on a different death penalty issue on each of the five days of the week. For example, chapters can consider addressing issues like innocence, racial and economic inequalities in the system, cruel and unusual punishment, morality, and alternatives to the death penalty. Death Penalty Awareness Week is also a great time to attract a large crowd for a really good speaker and/or host a Live from Death Row event.

Death Penalty Awareness Week is a tremendous opportunity to attract new members in the fall and to raise awareness on campuses. So start planning now, even before school starts up again and consider having one person in charge of a committee for each day. And, of course, you can still take part in Death Penalty Awareness Week if your chapter is based in the community. Be on the look out for a future circular for all members that will contain more ideas to get everyone’s creative juices pumping.

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