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Updated on: November 8, 2022

About Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The Oklahoma Department of Correction started in 1890. It was formed by the Legislature of the Oklahoma Territory, which was officially authorized by the Governor. The main job for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections was the incarceration and custody of ALL Oklahoma’s convicted offenders.

During this time most of the inmates were housed in one facility. The minimum incarceration sentenced was one year, but during this time many people had more than a year to serve. The offenders had to pay a quarter a day to be provided with bedding, food, clothing, along with medical treatment.

During the decades, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections built many more facilities. They also were granted custody over offenders that are on probation, parole, and other community correctional activities.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections went as far to implement transition programs into their facilities to help offenders’ better transition into the community after they have completed their sentences.