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Updated on: March 2, 2020

About Utah Department of Corrections

Ever wonder who runs the Utah state jail facilities? The Utah Department of Corrections, which is one of the largest law agencies in Utah runs all the Utah state jail facilities along with the probation and parole programs.

The Utah Department of Corrections runs an agency that is divided into divisions, which all work together for one main reason, to provide the public safety for all residents.

The Utah Department of Corrections has facilities with convicted felons in them, and they also supervise many other offenders through their probation and parole programs.

Every parole, correctional, and probation officer that works for the Utah Department of Corrections, will go through some of the most rigorous training to ensure they are right for this job. The officers will also have the training to complete to make sure they are performance will surpass the national and state standards when they are working with Utah’s offenders.

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Types of Correctional Facilities in Utah